Wednesday 5 June 2013

Summer Abroad

I think the title says it all~

This summer I'll be spending it in SINGPORE! The trip was planned at the end of last year and finally after so long it has happened :D Arrived yesterday at 3pm. But I am so tired! Because the whole trip took around 24 hours. Had to wake up at 4am (UK time) and head over to the airport. Then at the airport, had to do some last minute repacking because mum's hand luggage was too big ==" I did tell her, but she just didn't listen. The consequence was that I had chocolate in my handbag and we had a massive carrier bag filled with chocolate and tea - typical asian no? haha

So this trip we were flying Flybe+Emirates. Chose this airline cause it was the cheapest at that time but at the same time we also had to make 2 stops. It's definitely a good choice though because we get 30kg check in each and according to the lady we can check in as many bags as we want as long as they stayed within the 30kg limit! That means... if i buy too much clothes and they all can't fit into one suitcase, I can always put it into another one since clothes are generally quite light ^^

About the plane.. On board Emirates, I found the whole journey very comfortable. They had alot of stewards and stewardesses! Wells to me it seems more than normal anyways and the airline itself is very generous. I mean.. I had salmon fillet for dinner. Who has salmon fillet for dinner on an airplane?? Its not like we were flying first class or something. If we get salmon I'm getting the first and business class folks got steak haha! Or foie gras :P Digressing slightly.. I really want to try foie gras! Even though I don't actually know what it is. I think it's liver?

Back to my love for Emirates. I really like their in house entertainment system!!!! <3 I thought KLM was pretty good because of its range of movies but the entertainment system on KLM was only available after take off. In Emirates, you could start watching movies the minute you sit down :D Okay okay I think it's starting to sound like I'm advertising for the airline.. I'm not I promise~ Hopefully next time in the future I will have a chance to fly with them again ^^

Okay I'll blog more next time~ it's raining right now~ time to play with Lucky the dog haha

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