Friday 10 May 2013

Edinburgh Day 1

Hello again! The sun is out, everybody is out and even my blogging mood has once again came out :D Gonna blog about my first day in Edinburgh today (again it's very very very overdue :P) So I arrived in Edinburgh (half an hour late I might add.. what is with me and train drama??) and met up with Zihao. Why am I going to Edinbugh? Wells, in december 2011, Zihao came up to Elgin to visit and I promised I would go down to Edinburgh one day to visit him. That one day turned out to be a year and a bit later hehe. So I arrived and we went to Nandos for food~ Chicken!! And after lunch we went to view the famous Edinburgh Castle. I've lived here for more than 6 years and I've never been to the castle! 

The castle~ with lots of tourists! All behind me haha! Had to pay to go in and I wanted to visit as many places as possible so I was contented with just looking at the outside. Maybe next time :)

Nice sharp building! I really like

This street reminds me of Jay Chou's "Ming Ming Jiu" video that he filmed in Edinburgh. He should have a concert in the UK!

Lollipop sign in the Edinburgh Student Union~ So cute <3

Afterwards we went to Arthur's seat. To be honest I don't think I realised Arthur's seat was a gigantic mountain! I kinda expected a hill and a chair on top. Yes I know I ave no world knowledge!

Going up the road~

Stopping by the swan pond

Someone fed them bread! Wish we had some bread as well so I could feed them too

Swan close up~ So many!

See that broken castle far off?

Here swanny swanny

Continuing up the road with good weather

Maybe not :P

Look at the view!!

The "seat" I think.

So we picked a path to climb and got to a dead end.. unless we wanted to climb like this which neither of us did tbh~ so we spent 10 minutes at Arthur's Seat haha

Afterwards Zihao's flatmate Andrea was done with her day so she came out too and we went to a place which I can't remember the name of but I took a picture! :D

And the nice sea

Then it's on the way to see some National Monuments

Up the Stairs

Love this picture~ Sun, Skies!

The Edinburgh Explorer (According to Google!)

More nice views

 Trying out Panorama on phone

The National Monument

Heading to Forth Road Bridge

Where Jay Chou filmed some of his scenes for his MV

According to Zihao, this is the spot when he walked

The train bridge

 Picture of both bridges

Then it was off to rush to dinner because my train was at 19:28.. and it was about 6pm then


Green Tea~ it was here that I first felt there was s difference between Japanese Green Tea and normal ones. The Jap ones are actually green!

Seafood Ramen

Chicken Ramen

Soft shell crab roll. It was so good! I would love to have another one

Dragon roll - the 3 of us shared this. It looks pretty no?

Both rolls together~

Now if you're still reading.. this is where the night kinda turned a little dramaish.. We finished dinner just before 7 and then had to go back to Zihao's flat because I left my bags there (why did I do that??) and then we rushed to the train station, but it was just one of those times when EVERY SINGLE TRAFFIC LIGHT TURNED RED!!!! So we were waiting... and waiting again... and when we finally arrived at the train station, all you can see is this short half asian girl trying to sprint for the train with massive bags, try and picture it, I think it's quite funny haha. Still by the time I reached my platform the train was gone, there wasn't even any smoke residue in sight >< So... I had to sleep over at Zihaos haha  just as well Mike was driving up to Elgin the next day or I would have to spend 50 quid on a ticket back

Went back to the flat and here's the room I'm sleeping in!

See my massive bags? I had one on each shoulder

This is their living room~ it's like 1.5 times me and Becky's! And they pay less! But Aberdeen is expensive :(

The night was good though! Zihao and Andrea spent like an hour trying to figure out how to make chicken rice for their friends who were coming over on Friday~ it smelt so good! And we were just chatting and watching movies and chilling~ it was a good night. And I shall end the night with a pineapple tart! Oh I miss those so much!

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