Sunday 28 April 2013

Trip down South - Newcastle

This is a post that is pretty overdue.. like a month overdue~ But late post better than no post right? :D So on the first week of Easter break I went down to Newcastle and Edinburgh to visit friends and generally just relax :) The original plan was that I got on the train at 5.30 in the morning and arrive in Newcastle at half 11. The reality was that I arrived at 3.30 in the afternoon? Why? Because there was a "landside accident" on the way down.. meaning someone decided to jump in front of the train I was in so that they can end their life. Honestly, the journey up and down were both kinda eventful. Anyways because of the "accident", the train was delayed by 3 hours and my entire journey was delayed by 4. Plan to stay in Newcastle for almost 2 days was now shortened to under 1.5. Anyways when I arrived, some friends came to the train station to pick me up and we went to this place called "bubble cha" (I think that's what it's called anyways and I had bubble tea :D :D The last time I had bubble tea was umm.. I can't remember the last time I had bubble tea. That's how long its been!!

Mango tea <3 
้›ž่›‹ไป” - gai dan jiy :D This is a hong kong delicacy! I love :D

Then we went for dinner in Chinatown~  Newcastle actually has a chinatown it's so good and I love chinese dinners they're amazing! Roast pork is my favourite! I think the name of the restaurant is called Norman's or maybe the guy who owns it is called Norman :P But anyways the food is amazing!

Next day~ Didn't actually do much but felt like a lot at the same time~ Went shopping in the morning then had a girly gathering where we cooked dinner! Actually one person cooked dinner, the rest of us just kinda helped to make ourselves feel better haha
Scary picture of me haha guaranteed to give you nightmares ;)


The food was amazing! Whoever marries our dear cook will definitely be a lucky man! 

Newcastle was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came out and for the lovely times~ even though you probably won't see this haha. I love you guys <3

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