Thursday 4 April 2013

It's been so long...

The stress of uni is finally catching up and I once again apologise (whether it's to myself or anyone out there) for the absurd lack of blogs >< I have been diligently studying but I've also been diligently playing so I shall update a few blog posts in the next few days. I know I need to be more hardworking in terms of blogging... Maybe if I blog more I can look back in the future and see my young thought processes haha~ Man! I cannot imagine myself looking/being old.

For those of you who don't know, I work in a Chinese takeaway. The other day a customer came in and I was just chatting randomly to him when I mentioned the high school I used to attend (I can't remember if I told him I used to attend that high school or if I gave the impression that I was attending it atm but anyways...) he mentioned the name of his son and asked if I knew him cause he thought I was in the same year as his son. I asked him how old his son was and he said "15 almost 16" HAHAHA that was the best compliment I had that day!! Not that I get compliments everyday but I'm 20 going 21 this year and when someone tells you you look young, you feel good! I don't know if it's because of my height or face since personally I think that my face looks old but then to others it may not be right?

Yeah that was the random moment :P

Okay back to pancreases now! Fun... not ><

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