Monday 15 April 2013

First Ski Experience

The weather is so good right now it's actually unbelievable! Trust the sun to come out when I have a mid term tomorrow and have to revise eh, although I did actually go out shopping for a bit for mum's present~ Got her L'Occitane hand and foot cream, hope she likey :)

Anyways, even though the weather is amazing good at the moment, can you believe it was snowing just 2 weeks ago? It was actually snowing on and off for at least a week and even though there was no snow settled on the grounds, there was definitely enough snow for some sports :D So I went skiing at the Cairngorms with the guys!! Exciting times!

Some pictures :D

This was what I wore, I put on my hat and sunnies and apparently I looked like a new york manager, so the boys are my proteges ;) anyone looking for professional skiiers and snowboarders??

I think I can safely say that I was the worse one out of all of them, but can you blame me? First time skiing, the rest of them had experience! Still, think they got annoyed cause I was holding them back alot.. took us about 2 hours to get down the massive hill. Next time I think I should get some skiing lessons first. Time to save up!

One of the times when I fell.. When we finished for the day my whole back was actually covered in ICE! It was not a nice feeling.. brrrr cold!

Why not take a picture of myself since I'm on the ground eh :P

Didn't have much opportunities to take pictures because my phone decided to die on me halfway, plus I was too tired! Although to be honest, I was tired even before I started skiing >< It was still a good day though and it was sunny which makes everything better by 10 times anyways :) Hopefully can try skiing again, maybe next year~

Tata :)

ps.. I hate pizzas!!! For those who ski, you'll know what I mean

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