Wednesday 20 March 2013

Oh My Weather

Personally, I think I talk about the weather too much. When I converse with my dad, it's about the weather, when I converse with my friends, I also talk about the weather. Most of the time I don't mention positive things on the weather. Occasionally when it is maybe sunny I was add a few pointers here and there about how happy I am, but in Scotland.. it is hardly ever sunny. Miracles happen when it is sunny!

That's what the weather is gonna be like in the next few days. I made it extra large just so you can see how miserable it makes my life and why I always moan about how wet and cold it is. THAT'S BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES TO BE WHIPPED BY THE WIND EVERY 2 SECONDS! When it's cold and raining and windy.. one gets into bad moods! Don't believe me? Scotland welcomes you :D You might even help the British economy and maybe stop so many shops from going into administration. Today I read online that it's not even April and the 4th British chain of shops has already gone into administration. First Blockbuster, then Jessops, HMV and now Republic. These have been added to the ever growing list. Keep it up and we will have no shops. That's why someone invented the Internet I guess. They could predict the future and knew we would need a shopping medium! 

Okay now I'm just amusing myself with my own jokes, I do that sometimes. Actually a lot of the time, especially when no one else finds it funny. Apparently I need to up my diplomacy skills... I don't know why I'm so blunt sometimes though! I was born like that lah, accept me for who (or what) I am thanks :D

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