Thursday 7 March 2013

Being Badass!

Ola! (or is Ohla??)

I apologise for my badass attitude recently.. My blogging standards has been going down, to the point where it is non-existent. Haha why am I apologising?? Maybe no one reads this. To any passerbys, PLEASE READ MY BLOG LAH! :D But anyhow I should apologise to my poor self anyways because I promised myself when I started this blog that I will do my best to try and blog regularly and as often as possible. This blog is like my little baby, so in a way I feel that I have neglected my baby slightly ><" 

Okay one of the reasons that I haven't been blogging is because I haven't been in the mood really. Especially today when I feel like this: 

No joke. I feel like this right now even. Don't actually know why I'm feeling so down. Lack of food?? I had a sandwich about 3 hours ago, am feeling slightly hungry again. I might go make some noodles after this. Actually I don't need to, I bought some mini rolls, I can just use that to fill my small stomach up. 

My plan tonight was to actually do an exercise video. Thursday nights are supposed to be for exercise videos because that is when my flatmate goes home so I don't have to worry about looking stupid/embarrassing myself/disturbing her and can exercise to my hearts content! Unfortunately, that plan has only been successful for one week so far and after exercising last week, I proceeded to eat to my hearts content this week, hence... maybe I should stop exercising and then I will eat less? Because when I exercise I eat too much so if I don't I won't feel the need to eat as much right? 

Okay I am going off in tangents. I'm supposed to be providing excuses for my lack of life updates. There has actually been a lack of updates in my life. Besides Becky's birthday dinner on Sunday (another blog post on food maybe?? :D) NOTHING has been happening. I go to uni, I come back to the flat, I eat and poop and sleep and go home and go to church and work and the cycle starts again the next week. Oh I want to clarify I don't just eat and poop and sleep and go to uni once a week, this is an everyday happening :) I'm a almost healthy human being.

Because nothing is happening in life there really is nothing for me to say right? Maybe I shall turn into one of those bloggers who comments on news updates. Or I could blog about what I wear everyday? Actually I can not because I wear the same jeans for a few days usually. It's Scotland, I can be forgiven for lack of clothing change since it's cold ^^ Yes I think next time I shall comment on the news. This means I have to actually read the news first. 

Oh I have one bit of news! That new Harlem Shake thing (it's wearing off now so maybe not that new..) always gets on my nerves. I hate the song and I don't see a point of people putting up videos of themselves going crazy. Wells, people do that anyways but there's not a need to add music to the background. I cannot wait for that faze to pass. Even Gangnam Style is better. 

I seemed to have typed a lot on.. nothing. The easter holidays are coming up, hopefully I will have more to blog about then or will feel a need to blog more then ^^

Okay I need to find those minirolls to devour them! With irn bru :D If you've never tried irn bru you have to try it! I love <3

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