Tuesday 26 February 2013

Random Week Happenings

I realised it's been over a week since I blogged, that means it is time for a blog post before I become too lazy and decide never to blog again... Hopefully that won't happen. Nothing much has actually happened since uni started, well, nothing much that I can remember anyways. The early mornings mean that I now care even less about how I look (and how I looked before wasn't great) and I have managed to master the skill and create the all time record of getting up and getting out of the house in 10 minutes. I am a girl! Which girl does that you tell me?? Even those who don't care about how they look take at least 15 minutes. That's mostly because they shower in the morning. I'm a night shower person - means I get to sleep more in the morning :D Yes I am lazy. 

Being lazy also means that I am slowly slipping from uni but it isn't as bad as last time. Nowadays I make sure I spend at least some time everyday doing something uni related. Going to uni counts too :) But usually i will look over some uni things afterwards just to make sure they don't all slip out of my mind. I've also been diligently recording all my lectures. Now all I have to do is diligently listen to them haha

Okay to more important things :) The Weather!!

I'm positive I have moaned at least once about how Scotland is dull and depressing! But my cries have been answered! WE GOT SUN!! I took some pictures on my way back home last week because the sun was so pretty. I almost teared up when I caught a glimpse. Almost right. I'm not that sad. Look at the pretty sun ^^"

Even managed to take a Panorama shot :D 

Also the other day, I half made, half persuaded Christina to play with my hair, mainly because we were bored waiting for class to start. She is one amazing person with knowledge of how to do many braids. I should ask her for lessons. I only know how to do normal and french. Fish braids are out of my league!!

Blurred pic >< In my defence, I didn't take the picture

Better looking pic :) this braid sticks out! I think it's so pretty! But the end didn't really turn out well hence I did not stick a picture of my face. You are all spared haha. Oh Sarah is in the background~

I also have this new thing where I LOVE freebies. Like really love. I can spend hours just surfing trying to see where I can get free things. Free makeup is my favourite. Unfortunately, most of the free makeup out there nowadays is for anti ageing so I just hand it to my mum. But free is better than none right? I'm a student, I need to save, free things are good ^^ Got free sample of Lancome foundation :)

This is how it looks :) Not that big but good enough to take on a short trip!

That's all that's happened so far lately. I should do a blog post on where to get freebies and all the freebies I got so far. Got quite a few actually. OH NO! I'm turning into an auntie >< 

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