Tuesday 12 February 2013

My Frape Journey...

If you don't know, Frape = Facebook Rape. It is basically referring to your friends posting status through your FB account or liking photos etc. But this is done excessively (e.g. posting a really funny/crazy/silly status)

If being fraped was down to luck, then I am one extremely unlucky person. Because I've been fraped so much I don't even bother fighting back anymore. If I dislike the stat, I will delete :)

Still, some of my frapes are pretty hilarious so I am gonna share them here. The odd thing is, when I was looking through my profile to try and find frapes, I could only find 5... I'M SURE I GOT FRAPED MORE THAN 5 TIMES!!! FACEBOOK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY STATUSES???!!!

At least the 5 weren't too bad.. wells, 2 of them are pretty sad, but the rest is good I guess.

Welcome to my Frapeland!

This was the bad one... yes I know my cover up skills are bad too.. I tried okay!

This was epic! Partly because so many people asked me afterwards if it was true haha

Personally I think it's such a shame that I could not find the rest of my frapes. I'm sure there was one which involved me dropping my iphone which was pretty funny. I want my frapes back Facebook!!

That's all~ Hope you had a laugh :)

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