Monday 18 March 2013

Dinner @ Sopranos

Slightly overdue post because I was being lazy :P

So at the start of the month it was Becky's birthday, this means going out for a meal! At first I wanted to go to CJS, but they close on a Sunday ==" Then wanted Cafe 52 because none of us have ever been and prices seem reasonable, but they were closed as well. Here's a mini rant right: WHY IS EVERYTHING CLOSED ON SUNDAY??!! I don't understand, some people still want to eat out on Sundays and this just means limited choices..

Eventually, someone suggested Sopranos so we decided on there. Turned out to be pretty good actually. I especially liked the interior because we were seated right next to the door but if you turned round the corner, it was this:

Pretty right?? I think so anyways! It looks so oldish and vintage-y. Okay this photo has been filtered but I can't find the original so it'll do :)

Looking at the menu, the prices were reasonable as well and when the food came, the portion sizes were really good for the price. Enjoy food pictures! Looking at them makes me hungry haha


Fried Delight! Okay I just made up that name. This was what me and a few others had and consisted of fish, scampi and squid (I love squid!) and it was really good! But maybe just slightly bad for the throat. Btw have you see the size of those chips! They're MASSIVE

I thought I might add an "artistic" shot in :P My pictures aren't half bad

Overall I really liked the place but I thought the dish I had was more on the heated side. Still good tho :) Looking at all the food is actually making me hungry... 

P.s. I think I might start labelling my posts 

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