Sunday 17 March 2013

My Car Accident-Miracle

I know I'm always complaining that nothing interesting happens in my life and it's always grey and boring and gloomy yada-yada.

Well, something interesting happened yesterday. Sort of. 

I don't actually know if it should be classified as interesting or freaky but I definitely know that it's a miracle.

Here's my story:

Yesterday I was driving to work at around 4.40pm and it was raining and wet etc. Basically not a good weather day. Then suddenly as I went around a bend I felt the car skid and start to go off the road. So I panicked (everyone panics in these situations right?) and attempted to steer the car back towards the road. I cannot actually remember if I applied the brakes on or not. But my feeble attempt failed, must be because I have a lack of arm muscles and cannot steer properly and although I felt the car spin, I still ended up going off the road. 

See the tire marks?

The whole incident actually happened really quickly (I think it took place in under 5 seconds) and so I can't actually really remember the details of what actually happened. All I remembered is feeling a few knocks and then stopped. And oh, I hit my head against the headrest so now my head hurts. But continuing. The first thing I did when the car came to a halt was to get out of the car because I thought it was going to explode! Like in the movies when someone has an accident and few minutes later BOOM! Yeah I didn't want that happening to me so I was like "Ahh get out get out!" But because my side of the door was pressed against the tree like you'll see in the picture below, I has to climb over to the passenger side and open that door. Because the car was slanted, the pull of gravity made pushing the door open so hard - so maybe I do have some arm muscles after all. 

When I got out, the first thing I thought was "THANK GOD!!", I think this was when I could think properly. Then I walked up the hill (not very far, maybe 1-2meters) and a couple of cars stopped to see what happened. Everyone was really helpful and I'm really grateful to them, especially to this Polish couple and their son who lent me their phone (because it was the one day I decided not to take my phone) and stayed with me throughout until my dad came.

Here are some pictures of the wreck:

I broke the tree ><" 

The boot of the car is squashed

When I saw how the car was damaged, I thanked God even more because it really is a miracle that I survived.. with just a bump on my head and a bruised knee

Because the back of the car was completely squished. Passerbys seemed really surprised I was fine and when my dad came, he didn't look happy but I think he was just really happy I was fine. Also he told me the people who towed the car said I got off really lightly because if the car didn't spin and end up backwards, I might not be typing this blog post right now. Actually I might not even be alive judging by the state of the boot. So I'm really grateful that I'm still sitting here typing on my laptop and reading other people's blogs :) 

I guess what I can learn from this experience is to be a safer driver. The car is definitely a goner and I don't know if I am going to be driving anytime soon since there is no car for me to drive and need to get the insurance sorted out etc. But I think in future I will pay more attention to the road, not that I wasn't but I might have gotten a little too comfortable with driving on that road. The most ironic thing is that before the accident, I was thinking about how fortunate I was to have driving for 2 years without any accidents.

But I'm still alive :D So time to cherish another day by revising ><"


  1. Aww, sounds scary, Chantz. It's really dangerous to drive while the road is not in good driving condition. The good news is that you're still in a good shape despite the bruise that you got. It is indeed a miracle!

    Maggie Malone

  2. I admire your confidence and envy the luxury of time that you have to fix the roof yourself. I suggest that you do a regular maintenance and checking for your roof. Hope you have a cost and energy-efficient roof as well. Keep safe!
    -Cristy Witherspoon

  3. Just by looking at the photos, it's really a blessing that you survived! When on the road, you can't expect all road users to be as careful as you are. All you can do is be extra cautious and alert at all times. There's always the 'first'; learn something from it and become a better driver.