Thursday 29 November 2012

Chocolates At Uni!

A lecture was delivering his last lecture for the semester to us today and so he presented us with CHOCOLATES! Yum! He's the first lecturer that we've all applauded for this term. I suspect it's because he's been feeding us well ;) 


I love it when I get free food :D 

On a random note, Jamie and I had the weirdest conversation the other day:

              Me: Jamie I think I'm sexy 

             Jamie: No you're not, you can be considered cute/adorable at the most
              Me: No I think I'm sexy
             Jamie: Uh... I don't think so
              Me: I'm sexy
             Jamie: Ummmm
              Me: Just admit I'm sexy
             Jamie: Okay you're sexy. Happy?
              Me: No. Hahaha
Sometimes I wonder why people are friends with me

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