Friday 30 November 2012

Rock climbing! Up up up we go :D

So on Friday, Jamie, Mel and me went rock climbing at Transition in Aberdeen! To be honest I didn't really want to go at first cause we had to meet at 9.45am and my lectures only started at 2 so I was looking forward to sleeping till 12. But I went eventually and it was a good morning ^^

Transition is a centre in aberdeen which provides indoor rock-climbing facilities, I've only been there once before this and the first time I walked into the rock climbing stadium I was overwhelmed!
Check out their website:

So my morning adventure.....
Morning bed hair ><

Tied up and ready ^^

Me and Mel (I had to force her to take this one!)

Check out the tall walls! And this is only one side as well

"Hmm...Shall we do this?"

"We shall!" And Jamie ties Mel's rope

This is how it's done ;)

Getting ready to start...! (She did really well)

Bouldering wall

And just before this, Jamie said "Chantal why are you so short?!" It's because we were playing a game and he was trying to find a rock suitable for me haha

My mischief hehehe xP

Me :D

More me! Acting cute... =="

I found this funny :P

Personally, I felt that I didn't climb as much compared to last time but I think sleepiness was part of the reason. I should really learn to sleep more! It was still a good day though :D Wells good morning at least because..

My last Friday lecture usually ends at 5 but the lecture decided to end about 10 minutes earlier, so I thought to myself happily "oh I can catch the 5ish train back home! ^^" FAT HOPE. 
Walked out of the building and saw my bus go past, at that point I was thinking "there goes my bus" but still wasn't put down because the buses usually come quite often and since it's like peak period (where people finish work) they should come more often right? WRONG! For the next 10 minutes, not a single bus went past and so I thought "there goes my train....." But then a bus came! And I was super excited since it was an express bus which means I would get to town quicker. Unfortunately, I was still late and missed the train by 2 minutes. TWO WHOLE MINUTES!! Train people why can't you make the trains leave a little later..?!?!?!?! 

Okay I shall stop before I start on a mega rant.

Goodnight. I start at 9 tomorrow :(

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