Thursday 29 November 2012

Silver Linings Playbook movie and Wagamama

Recognise this? Yep I went to watch Silver Linings Playbook last night with Ecks and Jons, 2 of my guy friends :) When we bought the tickets, the girl asked us if we wanted front middle or back and naturally we said back of course, then we got the seats closest at the back ==" Ecks was so funny though, he said "I don't like these seats, I'm raging! I'm raging!" All i could do was laugh in his face haha and being the nice one, I offered to have the wall as my cosy companion. 

Personally I didn't think the movie was that great although I loved the ending! But then I'm a sucker for happy endings so that's no surprise :P I have to admit though, it's been a while since the movie has ended and I like it better now than when it first ended, maybe because the boys explained to me some of what happened and I get it more now but the beginning was still a bit of a drag. 

So here's what happened:


Pat is a man who was released from a mental institution (he was put in there because he snapped and beat up the man his wife was sleeping with, turned out he was bipolar) and not wants to get back together with his estranged wife - Nikki. Unfortunately, Nikki moved out and sold their marital home and had a restraining order put against Pat.
Pat was then invited to dinner by his friend Ronnie where he was introduced to Tiffany - Ronnie's sister-in-law, who is also suffering from a mental disorder. Despite having his guard up against Tiffany at first, Pat slowly warms up to her and even takes her out to dinner, where Tiffany agrees to pass on a letter from Pat to Nikki. Later however, Tiff refuses to pass on the letter unless Pat agreed to be her partner for a dance event. Although reluctant at first, Pat agrees eventually. 
As Pat and Tiff begin their dance practices, Pat finds himself being attracted to her and Tiff also gives him Nikki's reply to his letter. On the other hand, Pat's family disapprove of his hanging out with Tiff because they think she will bring him down, but when Pat's father lost a bet, Tiff appeared with a proposition which changed the family's opinion of her. The proposition was Pat's father making a bet on another match, which he later turned to a double bet: that his team wins the match and Pat and Tiff get a 5 or above on their dance score. Pat did not agree with the bet and refused to participate in the dance competiton and everyone decided that the only way is to lie to Pat that Nikki would be there watching him dance and that would improve her image of him.
On the day of the competition, Tiff found out that Nikki did actually come and her mood changed drastically. They still danced and received a score of 5, to which they scream and shout in excitement. Pat's father then shared the news that he won the match bet. We then see Pat walking over to Nikki and whispering something in her ear and when Tiff saw this, she left, upset. 
Pat returns to his family, finds Tiff gone and chases after her, telling her that he knew it was her who replied to his letter and that he loves her.
The end.
***Spoilers end*** 

After the movie I told the guys that I was bored, they weren't impressed and said they took the wrong person haha. Then we went to Wagamama for dinner. Wagamama is a british-japanese restaurant (japanese restaurant opened by brits) and I cannot remember when I was last there... must have been at least 6 months ago. I don't love love the place, but going there once in awhile is not too bad ^^" 

My Chicken Katsu Curry

Eric's dinner (cannot remember the name)

Didn't take a picture of Jonny's because his came first and I didn't think of taking pictures then. 

The Chicken Katsu Curry was very good as usual, I love fried chicken! But the curry was spicier than I remember. Tried Ecky's and his was milder! Should've swapped with him.

Then it was time for desserts! We don't get desserts often but all 3 of us were still hungry, so...

My Passionfruit Cheesecake <3

Jonny's Coconut Reika

Ecky got passionfruit froyo which I didn't take a picture of. It did not look interesting. Oh yeah all pics are taken with Ecky's iPhone, because mine ran out of battery :( charged it before I left as well!

Then I went home and went to bed.

I'm glad my first lecture is at 2 today. 

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