Monday 26 November 2012

Hello :)

Hello world :)  

New blog, new post. To be honest i'm not supposed to be blogging right now since I have a test tomorrow which I need to study for (although in all honesty it will probably end up being a fail.

Honestly, I have no idea what happened. The need to blog just became so strong that i just had to give in to it and start a new blog. The plan was to actually blog when I go on holiday to Singapore and have nothing to do – which is next year – but yours truly is a master at procrastination, I’d even start cleaning… thus I am now sitting here blogging.

So blogging, what do people blog about? I love reading lifestyle blogs and beauty blogs and just the things that girls like to read and part of me just thought “hey! Why not do one for myself too right?” Maybe one day people will end up my blog too? Fat dreams I think haha but that would actually be nice, if people cared about what I had to say ^^” Not that they don’t right now but I usually talk quite a lot (but only about 10% is constructive?) and personally, I think if I was listening to me I would tune out as well. But now that I have a platform to ramble on about I can talk as much as I want :D and many rant when I’m not on cloud 9 as well mwahahahaha feel my wrath!!

Okay so what did I do today? Went to uni.. started at 9am.. I remember I once read a report where it mentioned that teens usually get up around 12noon and then that’s when they work best etc. SO WHY DOES SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY STILL START SO EARLY??? I mean, someone wrote a report about it. It must mean something. Maybe if all educationers (is that a word? Education people?) read that report, they will start classes later which will only mean one thing… MORE SLEEP! My love~

Yes I am really rambling on now, I guess I should attempt to study slightly, not that I think it will make much difference.

I’m going to fail. But life still goes on.

So I will be happy :D 

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