Monday 3 December 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

FINALLY  I saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, or Twilight 4b as I call it. I've been waiting for weeks to watch this! It's because Alvin went away to America and he told me specifically more than once to wait for him to see it - it's rare that a guy wants to see it that much haha 

But it took us a while before we managed to catch the film...

Last night...

Becky, Eric, Jonny, Steph, Sean and I got the train from Elgin to Aberdeen and we arrived about 5.45pm because the train was delayed for a bit. The original plan was to have Alvin and Carol get a table, have a quick dinner and catch the 6.50pm showing. Unfortunately, the place we picked - Handmade Burger - was really busy, I couldn't get the kids meal and me and becky's food took 30minutes to arrive. That's the WORST experience I've ever had at Handmade burger. I ordered a small beef classic and added mushrooms to it but my mushroom was burnt. It felt like I was eating cancer. You know when something is so burnt all you can taste is the black charcoal? That's what the sides of my mushroom was like. Above all, the service just wasn't that good. I think there were a few trainees in there but it felt like they were all over the place and there was just no system. There were a few people who ordered after me and got their food first. Not impressed. It hasn't put me off eating there but hopefully next time it will be better. 

I thought I took a picture of my burger but I don't think I actually pressed the button. That was how rushed we were ==" 

So after me and bex downed our burgers (everyone else got their food waayy before us) the guys decided we weren't going to make the 6.50 so we had to wait till the 8.30 one (I wanted to watch the earlier showing so I could sleep early ><). The good thing was that there wasn't that many people so we had good seats :D 

Then the film started!!! ^^" *excited shriek!* 

I love the film. I really do. But... I don't understand what was with the fighting scene! I know that it was Alice's vision (it wasn't in the book, yes I'm the freak that reads it) but it was completely POINTLESS! It was completely out of place and I got the inkling that it's just put there to give the film that little bit more action.

And the BABY!! C'mon! It's a multi-million film, surely you can afford better effects and make the baby look better. That baby was fake-looking! Fire whoever created it and hire someone next time! Except there won't be a next time hahaha <-- What a bad joke :P 

Yeah so because of the late showing, we went home late. But despite my rants about the effects and scenes, I still loved it! 

Twilight forever!

Haha no, I'm not that sad. 

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