Tuesday 18 December 2012

Dim Sum Lunch!

So 2 weeks ago, Ron asked me if I was still up to have a Chinese lunch, and I was like why not? Because we have been talking about Chinese food for a while and I always said that I would take them to yum cha - "drink tea" is the direct translation but in cantonese, people refer to having dim sum as "yum cha"

Dim sum looks like this:

It consists of ordering many small dishes to share and these dishes can be steamed, fried, boiled... different chinese ways of cooking with many different tastes :) 

So yes Ron was suggesting that we had a dim sum lunch get-together before term ended so we rounded up the usual crowd - Jamie, Sarah, Mel (and Mel's friend was visiting so she came along too) and decided to have it on the last Thursday before the holidays started~

L-R: Me, Sarah, Ron, Rachel, Jamie, Mel

Trying to get everyone in that picture was SO HARD! Because there was so many of us, but mainly because I have short arms haha but I tried my best. And this was one of the 2 pictures I took, the next one being this:

While we were waiting for our food, Mel became mini Santa Claus, giving out presents! I love getting presents, candy cane yums! Jamie broke like at least 2 of them.. so bad... One of them was for Ron's wife as well! Jamie if you're reading this... feel bad! mwahahahahaha

By the time the food came, we were all famished and wanted to dig in, and I was just too busy telling everyone what's what and getting entertained by some wonderful chopstick using skills that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry! I will do so next time :P

Lunch was really good though! I was so worried they wouldn't like it because some people don't but I'm glad everyone enjoyed it! It'll be a Chinese dinner next time :D

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