Tuesday 4 December 2012

Eww!! Gross... What is on my kitchen floor??

I had a long break in between lectures today so went back to the flat for lunch, when I got back, I went into the kitchen to put the 8-pack Irn Bru (I LOVE IRN BRU!!!) in the fridge and lazed around for just over and hour, eating lunch and watching TV. Life was good :D

Then I went into the kitchen again to switch the heating off before I leave, and I saw this...!!

My first thought was "WHAT THE HECK..." That substance was not there an hour ago, where did it come from??? So I checked around. At first I thought it was soya sauce, because it had that colour, but it didn't smell of it, so I thought it might have been an oil leak, but our hob is on gas, so that rules it out either. Then I noticed the splatter mark (on the 3rd picture) and that tends to happen when things come from a distance (too much CSI haha) so I looked up, and saw this:

Notice the black spot next to the light? That's the source. Obviously by that time I was pretty annoyed, because it was a pretty big mess, I did not know what happened and I was also late for uni. So I cleaned up whatever I could and left. 

On the way to uni, I phoned by dad to check and he said it might be coming from the flat upstairs, because it was near the light.

So after uni, I rushed home and found more splatter...

On the washing machine ==" There was also splatter on the wall. At first I thought maybe it's because I didn't inspect it thoroughly enough before leaving but then I heard splat. Then I phoned the solicitors. 
The girl on the phone was really nice and helpful ^^ but unfortunately their maintenance people were done for the day so we have to wait till tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't get much worse. 
In the meantime...

Becky suggested using the bucket we have in the toilet cupboard - which has dead bugs on it when I pulled it out. Gross. 

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