Thursday 27 December 2012

2012 Christmas Sales Haul!

The Crimbo Sales are here and that means just one thing - shopping!

So I may be a student struggling for money (anyone got any jobs to recommend?) but I am still a girl and shopping is known as retail therapy to me! It also helps that once Christmas is over shops go on a massive sale and most of the stock is usually brought down to about 50% of the sale price :D 

So here is what I bought in the christmas sales:

Cardigan from Zara 

Jeans from Zara - I've been wanting a pair of jeans from Zara for ages now but just never found one that fit or was cheap enough but then I found this~ my wish came true! On a more random note, my legs look very short in this!

Skirt from Republic

Dress from USC - I really love how the dress flows but both my mum and Bex hated it and they said it was too expensive as well (£24) so I decided to return it. Plus the top part was too loose!

Grey dress from USC - I really really love this dress! Ir fits me! Plus it's really cute :) This might be my new year dress ^^

I cropped this picture especially! I realised most of the clothing pictures show my messy room * embarrassed* I will try and edit my pictures more next time haha
What's in the bag..?


Accessorize lipgloss sets

Sanctuary spa set

This is what's in it! I thought it was really worth it for a fiver

Skin shower and moisturiser set

And, being a student, I managed to find some freebies using the Internet and Boots card :D

Porefessional primer from Benefit. Had a voucher from my Boots card, I also managed to book myself for a makeup session :)

I love the packaging! It's so cute

And another picture to show my love for the packaging 

Also I managed to find a voucher online for Biotherm (also at Boots) which entitles me to a free skin consultation and 3 sample sized products. So I took the voucher to the counter and asked if it was available. The sales lady was SO NICE <3 She said they didn't have the machine available for the consultation but gave me not 3, but 6 sample sized products and even talked me through on how to use them! I felt slightly bad, but at the same time she was really nice and if I find a product that I like in the sample I was definitely buy it! But I'm already thinking of buying a lip moisturiser from Biotherm :)

So that's all for my shopping journeys ^^" I know I didn't buy much but there was quite a lot of people in Aberdeen when I shopped and I felt slightly claustrophobic and shopping can get tiring after awhile haha

Hope everyone bought tons! <3

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