Thursday 6 December 2012

Christmas is coming!

It's time! Snow has come yet everyone is out and about. That only means one thing: CHRISTMAS IS HERE!

Every year on December 25th, people gather together in their homes and celebrate the day that Jesus was born. But records actually show that Jesus was born in the summer months. Nevertheless! It's still a day which brings many families together and for the economists, it's the time of the year when the economy is booming. 

Honestly I'm not a Christmas celebrator myself, but I do like Christmas for one thing... Post-Christmas SALES!!!!!

Since I moved to the UK, I realised this country provides amazing sales! Usually 50-70% after Christmas and that is one of the best times to shop in my opinion! I really need some new clothes and need to get presents for some friends so this will be the perfect time to buy! I cannot wait!

I'm guessing all the girls (and some guys) out there cannot wait as well. Hopefully the sales this year will be even better! I remember one year I spent almost £200 in a day! It's not a lot to spend on clothes but to a 16year old that's quite alot haha 

Still those years are far behind me now. 

I'm lonely in the flat, my flatmate has gone home.. so I am watching TV and being sad :( Going to think about what I should wear tomorrow :)

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