Friday 14 December 2012

First world birthday troubles

I celebrated my 20th birthday last week and as usual on my birthday, I get slightly upset. It's not because the celebration was bad or whatever, it's just that i hate getting older so every year I get slightly emotional on my special day. Why do I hate getting older you might ask? Wells, check it out. 

1. Older = Troubles

You know how when you're younger you always wanted to be older so that you can do more and be more independent etc. etc.? I've never really had that feeling. Maybe it's cause I'm different and I can't really think of any reasons as to why I've alway felt this way. Expect one. I've never forgotten that since I was a child, I've always had constant reminders of this phrase: 

"The older you get the more troubles you have"

And I suppose this is true in some a lot of ways. Don't worry, I didn't a troubled childhood (my parents are still happily and lovingly married) and I was bullied a little in school but everyone is at some point right? It's just that I watched too maybe dramas and it was always mentioned there haha so it stuck I guess. As I get older, I also realise how true that is so sometimes I wish I didn't have to grow up that quickly. 

2. Wrinkles

Yes I am vain. But there are many many people in the world out there who is as vain as me. In fact, I'm not the worse. I don't put that much makeup on (if any at all) and I've never considered plastic surgery on myself. But I still hate the thought and fact that as I embark on my life, there will be little lines which grow and get on my nerves and there's no way for me to get rid of them! I'm only 20 but still the stress of exams is getting to me and when I stress out, I get wrinkles then I stress about the wrinkles and I get MORE wrinkles. It's a vicious cycle. 

I know this is just life and there are things which can't be helped, but still... I'm a girl, I'm allowed to be vain alright. I guess I better start saving up for expensive wrinkle creams that work :P

3. Just the responsibilities that come with being an adult

Being an adult means there will be people younger than you that you have to look after. I don't like that. I love people taking care of me! But i hate taking care of others. Call me selfish. I don't care *shrugs* I personally think it's because I hardly have any confidence in myself. Sure, I looovvveeee taking pictures of myself and I can be loud in groups and whatnots. But I am extremely short and that really bugs me. I also have the experience that many things I take charge of always goes wrong. Maybe I'm just unlucky or I suck at organising. I think this new year, I will try and organise more things :P

Yes, this is quite a moany post, this is what university stress does to some. Here's a picture of my face :D 

It's cold so I'm sitting next to the radiator getting my back burned

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