Sunday 23 December 2012

Movie: The Hobbit + day out in inverness ^^

On Wednesday, I went to Inverness with the guys (Ecky, Jonny, Elim) to have lunch and watch the Hobbit. I've never actually watch any of the LOTR (Lord of the Rings for those who don't know) films before because they never appeal to me. I'm more of a Harry Potter, wizard fighting dark lord kind of girl. A bunch of guys looking for a ring? No thanks! Many people are really surprised when I tell them I've never watched it though - well I have watched like parts on TV before changing the channel because I was bored - and they're even more surprised when they find out I have all the DVDs at home. My father and brother are fans, what can I say. Today my dad revealed we also have the books at home. I was like "how come I didn't know??" 

But before I dive into the movie, Let's start with food.

Lunch is important and I love food! 

When we got to Inverness, we thought of going to The Mustard Seed for lunch. We usually go there and they do a good deal of 2 courses for £6.99 or something.
But.. They were fully booked ><"So we decided to try this new place called the corner grill :)

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here are the pictures~

So many forks and knives! They must serve decent food haha

They have crackers on the table~ I've never played with one before until that day

Jonny pulled one and.. it's a fan! Did they know we were chinese?

I got mini cards! They're so cute I love them. The fan is also with me because it was decided everything should go into my bag. I was the only girl though so I was the only one with a bag haha

Starter - Mushroom soup. The soup was quite nice but I thought there wasn't enough mushrooms in it. 

Main course - Beef burger and Chips. Their chips were MASSIVE. Like about 3-4 times the thickness of McDonald fries! They were so good tho.

Random picture of cards and drink. Shows how small the cards are

 Another random picture of the lights in the Inverness shopping centre.

So we were originally planning to catch the 3pm showing, but we finished lunch at 2.30 and since the cinema wasn't in town, we thought we would just catch the next one which was at 4.20 and was a 3D one. Cinema tickets were so expensive £8.20. I'm a student and I'm in debt. Now I'm in even more debt :'(

But going back to the film. Everyone says The Hobbit wasn't as good as the LOTR films but I personally thought it was alright. The beginning was slightly draggy but all the action at the end made up for it. And it has kinda persuaded me to watch LOTR now so I might watch it when I have a day where I'm free and have 9 hours to spare :P

I still have many films I want to watch!

But I need to sleep.

Goodnight :D

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