Monday 17 December 2012

Hitting the 20s

Last Sunday, I turned 20! So I’ve blogged about the cons of turning old, but there are some pros to it. I’m probably going to sound stuck up here but forgive me if I do because I don’t mean it. I’m really happy and thankful for everything I have.

I shall start from the morning and presents.

So when I woke up, I did what I usually do every Sunday, get ready, go down for breakfast… you know the works. Went downstairs and my mum is the first to wish me happy birthday~ I love you mummy! Then she asked if I’ve got my dad’s present. Now every year my dad gives me money so I don’t need to guess what it is, but this year I saw this:


The first thing I said was “HA!”. Okay I don’t know why there's only one ha, but I am weird so I accept it :P I didn’t expect my father to have a sense of humour, he is usually quite serious. I remember when I was a kid he would be the one who smacked me whenever I did something wrong or was bad – I got smacked A LOT. Up until I was 5 or something. So to me, dad was always the scarier parent and mum is the one I run to when I want something. It’s okay great that my dad doesn’t understand a single word of Chinese so if I really want something and don’t want him to find out I just tell my mum in Chinese haha sneaky I know! Okay I’m moving away again.

After that I just had lunch and went to church and I was teaching the boys RE that day.

Honestly speaking, I really did not expect anything from anyone because Becky already told me that my present would be late and I just didn’t expect anything because it’s my 20th birthday, they aren’t that special once you get older really.

But then Bex walked up to me and passed me a bag from her and Chloe (her sister), which had really cute cupcakes inside and a nice mini present as well! Thank you Becky and Chloe I love you lots! 

Look at the cupcakes! <3 They're so cute and yummy as well

Love the wrapping paper! Opened it and it was mini kawaii hand warmer~ perfect for winter :)

Then Eva gave me a present from Ling which was a cute phonecase and a really pretty notebook. I love this kind of notebooks.
This was all I managed to take before running for the train haha

Then Jeffery and Margaret also gave me a present~
Big bag O.o

Ooo bath products :D

Present group photo haha

I feel so loved and touched! :’) Really didn’t expect anything!
This first thing I did when I got home was to take pictures of the things so that I can post it up hahaha
Then I had to leave to catch the train so I could fully appreciate the presents until I came home on Thursday.

Then came dinner time. Now another good thing about birthdays besides presents is the birthday dinner and I was especially looking forward to this year’s dinner because you know our kitchen has been messed up and so I couldn’t cook and sometimes I would starve myself or we would get takeout but end up binning half the food because Becky and I were so sick of takeaway food. But that day, that day was good.

For my birthday dinner we (me, Becky, Carol, Alvin, Jonny, Sean) went to this newish Japanese restaurant called Yatai. Why do I say newish? Because I read the restaurant history on their website and turns out they have been opened in Aberdeen before but shut down for a couple of years before reopening again therefore it is new yet not totally new so newish will have to do. I’m moving away from the topic! Okay back to birthday dinner~

When we went into the restaurant, it just looked like a Japanese restaurant, and it had a Japanese looked bar bit too. But our lots was directed upstairs because they didn’t have space downstairs. When we got to the stair bit… WOW!

Check it out.

I’ve never seen so pretty and romantic stairs before. The blue and the trees just compliment each other so well. In Becky’s words – The picture doesn’t do it any justice.

Menu :)

The food was pretty good, I like CJs (another Jap restaurant) better but the soft shell crab here was a-maz-ing. So soft and tender. It also costs £12.

I apologise for the bad lighting, but the place was quite dim

Look at all the food!


Sweet potato skewers

Mini burgers


Glutinous rice

Fried squid

Sashimi platter - so pretty I had to enlarge it! Look at the rose ^^"

I like this restaurant but don’t think I’ll go to it often because of the price. Still a good place for special occasions though!

Then a couple of days later I got presents from Jamie and Sarah and Mel~ I love people who are thoughtful! I love my friends :D
Socks from Sarah - nice and warm and cosy!

What's in the box...?

Aww kawaii!! Thank you Jamie :D

As for Mel's present, it was a candycane which I ate before I could take a picture hehe it looks irresistible :P

Thank you everyone! It was a great birthday ^^"

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