Tuesday 1 January 2013

Reflecting Back 2012

The time as come once again! 2012 is coming to an end and everyone's getting ready for the new year! But then before the new year comes along, let's look back on this year shall we?

If you think about it, 2012 has actually been a really eventful year, with many significant events happening :) 

What's happened so far?


Remember the Mayans? They once again predicted the end of the world, citing that we will face worldly destructing on 21-12-12 (supposedly at 11.11am as well?). Wells I am a Christian so personally I didn't believe in it but it was interesting to see everyone chatting about it and I'm sure people held "End-of-the-world" parties as well. But yet, the world didn't end and we get to progress onto the next year! Hurray!

2. Obama won the Presidential Election 

I am not a person who keeps up regularly with the news but news about American elections is usually huge so I ended up seeing it on Facebook and hearing it from my friends. This is big so I knew :P

3. Mass shooting in Connecticut

This only happened a few weeks ago and I really feel for the parents and families who have lost their children. If you don't know what happened (and I really doubt this but I'll mention it anyways), about 2 weeks ago Adam Lanza walked into an elementary school in Connecticut - where his mother was a teacher - and shot his mother, killing her before turning his gun on the school. 26 people were killed in total with 20 of them being children. 

4. London Olympics

Living in the UK (albeit on the other end of the UK) I was well exposed to all the happenings of the Olympics! It is great that it was held in London and even though I personally didn't go to watch any of the events, some of my friends went and they really enjoyed it! Now I regret not going haha

Okay so those are the few major world events which happened.
What about me?
I have to say this year has certainly been eventful, so much has happened that I can't even remember all of it, but I'll say what I can :)

I went to Hong Kong/Taiwan for the first time!

Even though I lived in Asia for 14 years of my life (I should blog about my life story next time) I've never been to HK/Taiwan. Actually I never ventured anywhere north of Thailand in my time of living in Singapore. I went to China last year (wells 2 years ago now since it's officially 2013) but that doesn't count because that's after I moved to UK. 
So sometime at the end of 2011, some of my friends and I planned to go to Taiwan to visit a few friends of ours who came to the UK. Basically they came to the UK so we thought we should go to Taiwan to repay the visit, but when we checked ticket prices we were like UMMM... it was so expensive!! So we decided to take a detour to Hong Kong and book a trip to Taiwan from a Hong Kong agency, turned out to be cheaper :D

Personally I love both Hong Kong and Taiwan. The people in Taiwan are nicer - not that I'm saying HK people are horrible - but haggling in HK is a lot more fun! I'd love to go and visit again :)

Passed First Year University :D

So in 2011 I started uni, did not know if I was going to survive first year but I did :) Now I'm about halfway through second year, but I'm starting to dislike my course and being really cba with it... I need to reflect back on my life. Still glad I passed first year though :)

Okay this sucks, I cannot think of anymore things which happened. I think I'm having a mind block. But 2 things is better than none right? Tbh this hasn't been one of the best years in my life but it's still not too bad :D Hopefully 2013 will be a better year! 

I'll do a new years resolution post next I guess :)

Lastly... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope 2013 will be an even better year than 2012! ^^"

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