Tuesday 8 January 2013

Benefit Porefessional Primer

Today I want to talk about my newest favourite primer - Benefit Porefessional.

If you live in Britain you will know that there is a store which sells health and beauty products called Boots - I heard somewhere that Boots is also available in Thailand. Where else can you get it?

So about 2 weeks ago, I was shopping with my mum in Boots. We both have the Boots member card and there is a kiosk in the store where you can insert your card and it will give you individual offers :) So on that day, I went to check what offers me and mum had and it turns out that WE BOTH GOT TO HAVE A FREE SAMPLE SIZED BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL PRIMER :D :D I love freebies okay!

To be honest, I've never tried any Benefit product before. There is a Benefit counter in the Boots near where I live and I've always noticed that their product packaging is very kawaii (cute in Japanese). I am a sucker for things that are cute <3 <3 but their products are also quite pricey for a student like me so I have to stick to drugstore brands and cannot venture into the world of expensive makeup :(

But anyways less story, more raving about this new primer!

We went up to the counter to get our free samples
Packaging looks like this. SO CUTE how can you not love it??? I'm loving the stripes!

And I took it out of the box especially just to snap a picture hehe

The girl at the counter was extremely nice ^^ I love nice people!

Going home I couldn't wait to try on the product! (Yet at the same time I didn't want to use it because it just looks so cute!) But since it was halfway through the day already I decided there was no point applying makeup on myself and should just try it when I'm putting on makeup next time.


The last time I went for a facial, the lady told me I had oily skin. Since then I have begun to notice that even though my skin tends to be dry in the morning after I shower (or when I use toner) it will start to oil-up between 12 and 2. This tends to be extremely annoying, especially when I have foundation on because my face feels even more oily with foundation. I don't know if its visible how oily my face is but since I don't carry loose powder in my handbag all the time, I just have to deal with it. This always leads to me rubbing my face which means I am rubbing off my foundation. It also means I am rubbing a lot of unwanted bacteria onto my face. 

When you squeeze out the primer it looks like this:

As you can see, the primer is slightly pigmented, but when you apply it onto your face the colour disappears. Also, it feels extremely matted when applied onto the face. Matt is good because that means no/less oil :D

Before porefessional primer

After porefessional primer

One of the Benefits (haha pun!) of the Porefessional primer is that it minimises the appearance of your pores. If you look really closely, you can see that the pores on my before pic are larger than my after pic, especially near the nose :)

Okay I feel embarrassed putting up closeup pictures of my face online, it isn't the mose glamourous of things :(

The first day I used the Porefessional Primer (I should just call it PP) I couldn't stop feeling my face because it felt so soft! Like a baby's bum haha :P

I really love PP now and hopefully the results when I use it will continue to be amazing :D Unfortunately it is so expensive to buy.. I have to save :'(

The woes of a first world student xD

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