Monday 14 January 2013

Chop it off :P

Hello my lovlies :)

I got a haircut!! Look:

Close up


More Black&White

Without glasses + PuddingCam filter

Look nice? :P

I love myself and I am attention-seeking :D

My mum has actually been pushing me to get a haircut (since about 2 months ago) because she claims "your roots are all split and they look horrible!" but I kept saying no because I wanted to wait till I'm back in Singapore to get cheap haircuts haha. Yes I know I'm a cheapskate! But mummy persisted and she eventually just made an appointment at the local college (Moray College) and dragged me there. Not literally of course :P

Why have a haircut at the college? Because normal hairsalons cost way too much! like £30 for a cut-wash-blowdry when at college they can give you one for £10. That's 1/3 of the price. I am willing.

But it wasn't always that I was willing to get my haircut at college.

*past memories*...

So about 5ish years ago, a few months after we moved to the UK, I needed/wanted a haircut. My mum found out from one of the neighbours that at the local college, they have haircut sessions because the students need hands-on practice. So we decided to go there because it was cheaper and at the time the GBP-SGD exchange rate was £1-$3, making haircuts extremely expensive. We made an appointment and went. 

At first I thought the haircut wasn't too bad. Okay their washing-hair chairs were pretty uncomfortable -  it wasn't one of those comfy asian ones which looked like this:

Instead they looked like this: 

Where you have to sit down with your back absolutely straight and crank your head back so that by the time they finished washing your hair, your neck hurt like heck!

So that was one thing down. And then the girl started cutting my hair. She cut and snipped and chopped and gave me a really short fringe. At that time, I haven't discovered straighteners and since I don't have straight hair (it's sort of wavy), once I washed my hair at home my fringe pinged straight up and there wasn't a single flipping thing I could do about it. I think I cried for about a week. 

Yeah so that's my college horror story and it actually put me off going until the last time which was last week. My mum mentioned specifically on the phone that I was extremely picky and asked them to give me someone good haha

I am very satisfied with this haircut :D

Time to get back to revision :(

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