Sunday 27 January 2013

A Snowy Trip :)

Thursday just passed was the day of my last exam and since Eric was going down on wed, I thought I might take advantage and hitch a ride :D Driving is better than train!! 

OOTD - My arms look fat ==" Check out my short legs hahaha

Close up... My face looks fat. I'm sure the camera makes me look rounder!!

And off we go!!

*There are many MANY pictures of snow...*

Snow on the side~ I actually thought there would be more 

Pretty picture 1

Pretty picture 2. Half the time when I was taking a picture, Eric slowed down/stopped, so glad there were no cars behind!! I'm glad he stopped tho, it was so pretty! 
This is definitely a sight you will never get in Singapore. But then there's no snow in Singapore anyways, all there is is rain and shine. And the rain is warm as well hahaha I remember in Taiwan last year a few of us climbed a mountain and when we got to the top I did the classic "scream when you're on top of a mountain" shizzle. Next thing I know it was chucking down rain - WARM rain. Amazing because it was so hot. We walked down in the rain. Ended up with mudless shoes :D

Almost perfect picture

The sun is huge!! Eric's windshield looks like it's been pooped on lol


Where the sun go?

Cannot see.. ahhhh ><

So I resort to taking pictures of me xD

Ah hello again

I thought these shots were artistic so I put more up! Good no? Photography blood is in my genes!

Got to Deen and we were starving... sushi is the place for lunch!! And for more camwhoring.. of food :P

"This is the cutest wasabi container I've seen!!" *gush*

This plate originally had 6 pieces of sushi.. but then...
"Don't eat.. I want a picture"
*Puts sushi in mouth*
5 left and I thought I could still take a nice picture
"Okay don't move"
*He moves sushi* >.>
"Eric move it back...I want picture..."
"Nhut"... No wonder they say girls mature first :P

My katsu prawns yum yums! 

That was all for wednesday :D I got dropped off at flat and spent my day studying and running errands... Opening a new bank account is so 麻煩 (means troublesome).. I had to run from bank to new bank, then back to bank then new bank again.. If new bank wasn't offering higher interest I wouldn't bother! 

Tried to study as much as I could on wednesday but tbh I think I was past studying by then, Candy Crush was more fun. I'm on level 122 now! :D :D Then on Thursday I woke up with crazy stomach cramps and had to buy Panadol because I couldn't find painkillers in the flat. And I thought my exam was from 9-10 but it was actually 9-11. What a spaz. I need a new brain. 

On the way bacccckkk... more snow!! 

Train was going too fast for poor iPhone camera to catch up, but see how much snow!

At Insch I think..? I was so excited the train was stopping so I can take nice pictures of the hill.. Then it stopped infront of the overhead crossing... ><'

My winter wonderland <3

There was actually a stream somewhere which I thought was amazing and it would be really cool if I could go there to take pictures, but I think it'll just be a dream~ I don't even have a decent camera haha just a phone :P But it's good enough for all the food. Food is good, everyone loves food. 

2nd semester starts tomorrow!! I dislike!! Haven't even had time to relax. Oh I finally watched Lord of the Rings 1&2 - yes I've never watched it until a few days ago. Watched 1 on thursday when I got home. I was so excited, went to get microwave popcorn and everything. Propped myself on the sofa and movie start!! :D Popcorn good! Halfway through the movie...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Okay not literally but I was so tired.. and honestly I did not think it was that interesting. I actually started surfing the web. Had to wiki the rest of the story to know what happened. So glad number 2 was better. I like 2 ^^

Now I just need to watch 3 :D

I just realised I can post about many random things.

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