Saturday 19 January 2013

An unhealthy week!

This is my first exam week and I'm happy to say that it's finally over!! I still have one more exam to go but it's next thursday and relaxing for a night doesn't hurt right? Besides, blogging is cool :D

Being back in Aberdeen means one thing - an unhealthy lifestyle. Our kitchen wasn't fixed yet so I had an amazing week of living on takeout, going out to eat, or simply just not eating.

Here's some pictures of my week~ word of warning, it's going to be picture filled.
My new "kitchen" - it's actually the dining table in the living room. The microwave and toaster had to be moved because there was too much mess. You cal also see there's no food except for junk food.

This was actually my lunch for one of the days :(

Nando!! I'm finally part of the Nando's family!! :D Okay usually I don't like Nando's but I was so hungry I actually didn't care. YOU CAN GIVE ME ALL THE CHICKEN I'LL EAT IT!

全家福 <3
Burger ^^ I wanted chicken wings but they didn't have any. Why?? >< But the burger was good 

Back to Cj's. Have green tea be healthy :D

California rolls yum!

My Garaage (pronounced ga-ra-gay, not garage as i thought) Chicken

With photo filter. This one using PuddingCam. It's my favourite filter atm 

I love camwhoring! So I took some yesterday whilst at Eric's, waiting to surprise someone for their birthday :)
Hello :)

What is that green light?? 

Steph's accidental photobomb haha

Whilst I was fraping Eric, he was... taking a picture of me fraping him?? I suck at frapes by the way!! NO ONE LIKED IT!!! BOO. I need some fraping lessons from Jonny. 

Funny card at Paperchase - for all the football fans out there! 

Me this morning, in revision mode!

And shopping before train ^^ Look nice? I bought them both, from Zara :)

And that's all for the week! I am aware this is not a very wordy post but am very tired lah. Sleep in no. 1 on the agenda right now. And I am also skint. Someone tell me how I can save money!!! 

Okay snooze time *snooorrreeee*

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