Monday 7 January 2013

Procrastinating Professional!

'Ello Mate! (fake british accent)

Right now I'm on holiday, yet it's not exactly a holiday because I have to revise for exams which are in less than 2 weeks time. This is where the problem begins...

At the start of the holiday (about 3 weeks ago) I was extremely passionate about revising; I made a study plan, had determination, printed out all my notes!! Things were going great and I was actually studying. Then came the week after, and everyone was back from elsewhere, and I started going out, and I started working more.. Then I lost the determination to study, and became extremely good at procrastinating. I would clean up my room (yet it's still a mess), watch TV, go out more, eat, play Candy Crush Saga (very addictive game btw!) and then try and study for a bit but nothing would go in :( I am actually very stressed about my upcoming exam and I do try to study but I cannot remember ANYTHING I have learnt! Help me!

Yes so that is my dilemma..

As for the time since I blogged~ I love taking pictures of myself haha so enjoy :P

OOTD today

With filter and cropped

OOTD sometime last week

And today at work was dead.. so I started taking pictures haha! Took some with Sarah my workbuddy as well :)

Oh hello!

Pout + Mono


I love the brightness of this photo! Plus the flawless looking skin! <3

And they had chocolates at work~ Thought I'd be artistic haha

I absolutely adore Ferrero Rochers <3 If you look at the close up, you'll see that my OCDness has caused me to attempt to face every label in the same direction 

Okay I will try and sleep now!
With my procrastinating abilities I bet I will procrastinate sleep and just surf =="


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