Monday 28 January 2013

Start of Term Dinner @ Frankie & Benny's

Yes, term has started :( I don't feel like I've had a holiday at all. More like a massive revision sesh. I believe my uni should change their exam policies... exams before holidays please. Thank you very muchy :D

But as things stand now, term has indeed started. Came back to the grey city of gloom and doom yesterday with Bex, Jon and Sean and since our kitchen wasn't cleaned yet (and we were starving) we decided to go for dinner - at Frankie & Benny's ^^ Cannot remember the last time I went, oh wait it was Thursday lol. But before then it was a good few months. Unfortunately dinner didn't go down well but at least the food pictures are pretty :)

Orange and Lemonade 

Kawaii coke pint glass - can I have one? 

My cheese and garlic mushrooms - SO GOOD! I love mushrooms! 

Warm doughsticks with garlic sauce, very yummy too ^^ And filling for a starter.

My main - Chicken + Bacon + Cheese Tortilla. The cheese was too much. Usually I don't mind cheese but this was just... I got more of a sore throat from the cheese than from the fries. I could only force myself to manage 3/4 of it before giving up.

Coleslaw ahhh!! Dislike :( Veggies are evil.

Dinner was good because of company but the waiter was kinda odd. He saw that we were finished with our food. In fact he saw more than once, but never once did he make the effort to come over to collect our finished dishes, not until we asked for the bill. Jonny thinks the waiter looks like Ryan Gosling. He does not ><

After dinner.. I had the runs. Really bad and gross (yet I'm still sharing haha). 

Moral of the story: Don't mix orange and lemonade with cheesy tortillas!

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