Wednesday 16 January 2013

French Plait Waves


Today I want to share how to get waves from a french braid :) I know many people have done this before but I thought I might add myself to that list ^^ After all, I can't always just blog about food right...? Although I did go to CJs again the other day. SO GOOD!!

Okay so start with half-dried hair. You can wait for it to airdry or just dry it slightly with a hairdryer. Looks like this :)

I have a slight wave to my hair that's why it looks wavy. It looks nice when it's wet but after it's dried it's just a bush >.>
Make a french braid :)

Unravel it when it's dried and it should look like this :)

And front view! :D Yes I know it's messy. If you want more defined waves I suggest spraying some hairspray on the braid and it will turn out nicer ^^" I was just going for the casual messy look :)

Enjoy creating it yourself! :D

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