Friday 18 January 2013

More snow pictures

Disclaimer: These pictures are not mine, my auntie sent me them~ But I thought they're too pretty to not share :)

So Great Britain has been hit by the snow again and I'm sure there has been many pictures trending online. Snow is so pretty! I admit, sometimes it can be a pain in the bum especially when you need to get somewhere and you're late because the buses are running late or traffic is moving like a snail! Without a tail! hahaha 

Okay bad rhyme. 

Still, when one is idle, one can always take time to enjoy the beauty of mother nature ^^

Here's The pics I got sent, they're taken in the south of England. Aberdeen doesn't actually have much snow. We have a few specks here and there but nothing like this. It must be because we are near the sea so it blows all our snow clouds away! And also because the snow is supposed to come from the south.

I told my dad there's a lot of snow down south and he snickered saying people there freak out when they have a little bit of snow. That is kinda true I guess. I remember in 2010 we had SO MUCH snow, like there was over A FOOT where I lived. They had a couple of inches down south and were on the news. What recognition did we get??!! ><" Okay we do get snow all the time so we should be used to it.

Right I'm blabbing.. Look at the pics :D

Looks like little snow flowers ^^

It's not a lot of pictures but they are still pretty and worth the look right? Also I found out a couple of days back that one of my uni friends has a photoblog, I looked and her pictures are awesome! Check it out --> 

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